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This site has everything you need to go racing at some of the best and fastest tracks on the west coast.

If you are just getting started, and need to know what to do to get licensed, go to the SCCA Licensing page. There you will find exactly what steps to take, official forms to fill out, the school schedule, and even some resources such as car rentals if you don't have your own race car. If you want to get involved as a volunteer worker, check out the Worker Specialties page. As a Cal Club worker, no experience is needed to get started and the fun and excitement begins your very first day. Cal Club workers also support the Long Beach Grand Prix and several Pro races like the Grand Am at California Speedway.

Don't forget to follow on Facebook where the racers and workers get together to discuss everything from "who did what" at the big barbecue bash, to who spun and who won at the last race, to technical discussions for your favorite race car.

If you would like someone to contact you with more information fill out a short Questionnaire with your areas of interest.

Lap times for Cal Club's Races!

Get all your lap times from the last Cal Club race at MyLaps.com. Cal Club's T & S team led by Ellen Lowery is now uploading all our AMB timing and scoring data to the AMB MyLaps.com. All you have to do is follow the link to MyLaps.com and register for this free service. You will then have access to the race results including all lap times for the entire race. Your fast lap will be highlighted automatically for you, and you can run comparisons between your laps with any one of your competitor's, lap by lap. This can be a very valuable tool and it's free!

Divisional Road Racing Results 2017

Jan. 14-15 ACS
U.S. Major Tour

Feb. 11-12 BRP

Mar. 11-12 - WSR
Hoosier Racing Super Tour

April 29-30 BRP
Hoosier Racing Super Tour

May 20-21 BRP
Dbl. Divisional/Time Trials

Current Standings - 2017

Cal Club Championship / Divisional Standings

Current Track Records

AutoClub Speedway

Willow Springs
Buttonwillow Raceway Park:

#1CW - 03/25/12
#1ACW - 09/05/10
#1ACCW - 05/17/09
#6CCW - 03/01/2001
#13 - 03/29/04
#13CW - 09/06/09
#13CCW - 09/14/14
#14CW - 02/12/2017
#14ACW - 03/13/16
#14CCW - 09/13/15
#14ACCW - 02/28/07
#15CW - 02/28/2001
#16CW - 07/11/1998
  #16 CCW - 03/01/2001
#18ACW - 08/31/08
#18CCW - 09/04/16
#25CW - 04/30/2017
#25ACW - 05/03/2015
#25ACW/PCRRC - 10/27/12
#25CCW - 05/01/16
#25ACCW - 05/21/17
#26ACW - 06/12/2016
#26CW - 08/27/2001
#26 CCW - 08/27/2001
#27 - 03/26/11
#27CW - 02/11/17

Road Racing Archives

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