OCTOBER 17-18, 2015

Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships presented by Buttonwillow Raceway Park and Cal Club... The Place to Race. October 17-18, 2015.

An opportunity for all racers with a current competition license from all different Racing Organizations to get together and actually determine who is the Top Dog. Run Groups will be created based on existing Class Race Results for the Club you indicated you are from. NASA racers pitted against POC racers, pitted against VARA/HSR racers, SCCA racers, and BMW Club racers.

Hosted by Cal Club and Buttonwillow Raceway Park this will be a Historical Annual Event. For more info, contact Ceci Smith: calclubhq@aol.com


The Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships will be held at Buttonwillow Raceway Park on October 17-18, 2015. The event will be sanctioned by Buttonwillow Raceway Park and Hosted by Cal Club.

Who may enter: All drivers holding a competition-racing license

Registration: On line registration will be at www.motorsportreg.com registration will open September 2, 2013; you may also download a registration form. All drivers will come into to the registration office and present their Sanctioning body competition license and receive an armband and sign waivers at that time. Registration hours will be Friday October 16 - 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Saturday October 17- 6:30 am to 11:00 am and Sunday October 18 - 7:00 am to 9:00 am

Entry fees: $305 per Driver, Cars eligible for two classes or Double Dip $405.00

Trophies: Trophies will be awarded to First to Third in each trophy run group.

Track Configuration (14 CCW):

Test Day: Buttonwillow Raceway Park will be conducting a test and tune day on Friday October 16, contact the track office for information 661-764-5333

Camping: There are camping sites with electricity and water, please contact Buttonwillow Raceway Park track office at 661-764-5333

Tire Shop: Buttonwillow Raceway Park has a full service tire shop, tires may be ordered in advance contact Les Phillips at 661-764-5333

Fuel: Located on the premises of the Raceway Park, the Buttonwillow track fuel station features Sunoco Racing Fuel and petroleum products to meet your specific engine and octane needs. Specialty VP Racing Fuels are also available.

Welcome Party: Saturday night after the last checkered flag in the Tower Café area, this will be a costume party all drivers, crew and volunteer workers are invited to join in the fun. Food and beverages and a overall good time, plan to be there!

Click here for more Buttonwillow Food and Lodging.

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PCRRC Run Group Generation Philosophy:

Anticipating entries from a wide range of Sanctioning Bodies, combining cars into Run Groups is/was a challenge. Had to start somewhere, so here's what we did:

• Took Race Lap times for as many Sanctioning Body car classes as found around a common Race Track… Willow Springs.
• From a spread sheet, sorted all the data based on that "in-the race" lap time.
• Divided results into manageable groups (Run Groups)
• Also attempted to put "like" cars in the same Run/Trophy Group (i.e a NASA Spec Miata and an SCCA Spec Miata, VARA FV and SCCA FV, etc.)
• This was the basis for the "RUN GROUPS"

With the Run Groups defined, now we had to determine who would get a trophy. Again, based on lap times and "like" cars, TROPHY Groups were created within the defined RUN GROUP. Obviously we could not award trophies in every Class entered in a Run Group, as (hopefully) there will be quite a variety with the various Sanctioning Bodies Class designations within the lap-time determined Run Group.

So that's how it was done, based on the information we had way out in front of the event.

NOTE #1 – flexibility is the key to success here… It is likely that we may have missed a class, or may get an entry from a Sanctioning Body we may have no data from. We will work with the entrant and find the "right" Run Group and Trophy Group to classify the car.

NOTE #2 – more flexibility needed here… Run Groups were made based on lap times, not necessarily on "expected number of entrants". There is a good possibility as we start getting formal entries, that one of the Run Groups (or even Trophy groups) may be oversubscribed (or conversely – undersubscribed). Based on the numbers, we are empowering ourselves to combine and/or break up larger Run Groups. At this point, not knowing how many to expect, we have done our best, but realize "real numbers" may necessitate a change.

Click here to download our Run Groups

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Each competitor will receive a “Tech Sheet” at the Cal Club office during the registration process or they can print the “Tech Sheet” from the Cal Club website.  The “Tech Sheet” is to be completed, signed.  If the car does not have a current valid Annual Tech the car is to be taken to Tech with the completed Tech Sheet.  If the car has an Annual Inspection noted in a log book or by other means, such as an Annual sticker, the Tech Sheet will be signed off by Registration and a Tech Sticker will be issued.

If there is no valid Annual Inspection the Tech Inspector will go over the “Tech Sheet” with the competitor and may ask for clarifications or physically inspect particular areas of concern.  When the inspection is satisfied the competitor will receive a Tech Sticker.  No car will be allowed on the course for any session without a signed Tech Sticker.  All “Tech Sheets” will remain in Tech.

If there are concerns with individual cars after practice or qualifying they will be directed to report to Tech for consultation.  After each Championship race all cars will come into Champion’s Row for trophy presentations and photos.

Any entered driver may lodge a protest against another driver disputing the mechanical compliance of their competition vehicle. To lodge a protest, the protestor must present the official rule(s) from the declared affiliated organization that they feel has been violated to the Chief Steward. Note: the Chief Steward may ask for the specific issue "in writing". The Chief Steward will inform the Chief of Tech of the issues and ask the Chief of Tech, if deemed appropriate, to inspect the car relative to the rule or rules and make a determination. The Chief Steward may accept the mechanical protest, may extend the time allowed, or may reject the protest.

Download our Tech Sheet to be completed and signed by the driver, presented to Tech with the car and log book if available.

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Online registration for the Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships is now open: CLICK HERE or you may download the entry form and fax, mail or e-mail it to us.

• All drivers and crew will need to stop by the registration office to complete the registration process. All drivers will need to present their competition license at that time.

• You will receive a full refund as long as you do not put a wheel on the track for the event. You may pay at the time of registration but we urge you to enter the event before the deadline of October 26, 2013, this will help us with the organization of run groups and scheduling.

Thank you; see you all at the track

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